May 27, 2010

paniyiri greek festival

Just after Oliver was born, I remember feeling like I couldn't really leave the house.  If I wasn't breastfeeding him, Ollie would be sleeping, and we were so keen to get him into a routine that worked for him and for us that for the first 3 months, we didn't do much apart from feed and sleep.

So when Will suggested we go out for the day to the annual Paniyiri Festival which celebrates all things Greek, I surprised myself with how enthusiastic I was for it.  It may have been the promise of grilled haloumi, dolmades or spanakopita and sure, when we got there, food was the only thing on my mind, but it didn't detract from a most welcome day out with our little boys.  Ollie too loved the food, dolmades in one hand, haloumi in the other, and Max was a good little guy, happy to be strolled around, napping when he needed to.  The music was loud, the barbecues smoking and the dancing made me want to come home and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding (again) but most of all, we all got out of the house for a lovely, sunny afternoon.  Opa!!

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